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Our service / OUT SERVICE
Beijing Yuye Technology Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on R & D in the field of VR.

The company's main game research and development is now developing a globally connected VR masterpiece "Big Pinball". He has developed the work "Edge of Black Hole" and has launched the HTC VIVE platform. More than 15 own games.

The company's non-main business, undertake various VR outsourcing. Takeover projects include Da Vinci VR Art Exhibition, Canon Camera VR Mall, public security department fire VR demonstration project, VR racing outsourcing, etc.

The company has hundreds of customized mini-games, which can be customized to suit PC, mobile Android and ios clients. There are popular cards, flappy birds, Lianliankan, consumer music, psychological tests and other interesting mini-games.

Our games / OUR GAMES
"Pinball Battle" is a globally connected VR game developed by Yun Ye Technology. Since its launch, it has been designated by the internationally renowned e-sports platform of “Athletics Times” as a regular VR game in the world with fierce fighting scenes, colorful game screens and exciting magical skill items.

"Edge of Black Hole" is a first-person flying shooting game with a very beautiful game developed using Unity3d . Players act as pilots, control battleships to fight against the enemy, escape the various barrage of enemy ships, and defeat two rounds of bosses to successfully protect their homes.

Since its establishment, Yuye Technology has focused on VR research and development, and has built a certain reputation in the industry. In addition to working to create a hot game, we have provided VR services to many well-known companies. For example, well-known brands of Canon cameras, VR art exhibitions, well-known racing brands.
Our projects
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Other customized mini games
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