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VR Racing Project  
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VR Racing Project
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VR 赛车游戏。 Cooperate with Dr. Xiaodong Liu from Beijing University of Technology to create a VR racing game suitable for the majority of players . 4 引擎制作,通过实地考察真实地形场景,在游戏中一比一比例真实还原,场景有平地和山地,有巨石阵跟陡坡。 The content of the game is produced by the most realistic Unreal Engine 4 currently displayed . Through field investigations of real terrain scenes, the scene is reproduced in a one-to-one proportion. Can make players experience a bumpy feeling similar to driving. The sound is true to the real motor roar of the car. With the vibration, it makes the player feel more real. Including hitting the railing, controlling the direction, tilting the ground, virtual reality will perfectly cooperate with the hardware to make the player feel like entering a real driving scene.

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