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VR Fire Project  
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VR Fire Project
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Product Details

VR )设备,让观众直观得体会了“身临其境”的火灾扑救。 Definition: A fire-fighting virtual reality ( VR ) device that simulates fire, firefighting, and escape scenarios , allowing viewers to intuitively experience the "immersive" fire fighting.

VR 全景消防预警系统、消防综治全景监控系统和 VR 模拟消防培训逃生系统为一体的的 VR。 Content: By cooperating with the fire department, we have developed a VR system including an intelligent fire prevention and control early warning system, a VR panoramic fire early warning system, a comprehensive fire management panoramic monitoring system, and a VR simulated fire training escape system .

VR 科技与现代需求结合,通过更高科技的手段让消防安全意识深入人心。 Committed to combining VR technology with modern needs, and using higher technology to make fire safety awareness popular.

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