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Da Vinci VR Art Show  
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Da Vinci VR Art Show
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VR 艺术展览以“身临 · 奇境”为主题,着重突出了 VR 虚拟现实技术的优势。 Da Vinci's VR art exhibition is based on the theme of "Wonderland · Wonderland" and highlights the advantages of VR virtual reality technology. The enhanced immersive experience allows viewers not only to walk in the three-dimensional space, but also to walk directly into the painting, feel every stroke, and watch different faces of each three-dimensional painting.

艺术展览打破时间、空间的限制,让观者可以足不出户也能体验到艺术的魅力。 The VR art exhibition breaks the constraints of time and space, allowing viewers to experience the charm of art without leaving home.

A successful art exhibition does not stop at the exhibits themselves. The design of the exhibition hall layout and the moving lines also directly affects the quality of the exhibition. VR 展览中,我们团队利用最前沿的 VR 技术对重要展览进行采集,倾力打造达芬奇艺术全景展览。 In this VR exhibition, our team uses the most advanced VR technology to collect important exhibitions, and strives to create a Da Vinci art panorama exhibition. 360 度无视觉死角的立体感和空间感,给人身临其境的观展体验。 Here the viewer can not only zoom in and see each piece of work, but also can see the entire space of the exhibition hall very intuitively, so that the exhibition hall presents a three-dimensional sense of space and a sense of space without visual dead angles, giving people a real immersion Exhibition experience.

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