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设计制作 VR game design and production

、游戏趣味 Game world view, UI layout, interaction design, rich game system , game fun

Game visual design and production

Excellent game engine, 3A-level picture quality, rich special effects, immersive experience

Cross platform game design and production

Mobile game design, WeChat access, cross-platform experience games, convenient operation

VR hardware device docking

Rich VR peripheral resources, fast access to third-party hardware, VR equipment sales, and experience store cooperation

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Provide professional interactive prototype design, product visual design, mobile product design, software interface design, and provide you with a one-stop solution.
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South Korea's largest media Navar headlines

"Yu Ye Technology" and South Korean VR Industry Alliance Sign Cooperation Terms to Enter VR Globalization

天盟VR”与“北京郁野科技”携手与十五个中国研发公司签订合作关系成为合作伙伴并共同挺进全球市场。 " Tianmeng VR" and "Beijing Yuye Technology" have signed cooperative relationships with 15 Chinese R & D companies to become partners and enter the global market together. Tianmeng VR is a vr professional enterprise established by the government in order to build a vr platform and the implementation of the government's large-scale VR project. Last November, it signed a cooperation agreement with the Korean VR cluster at the Korea International Game Show held at BEXCO (Busan Convention Center) The agreement Tianmeng VR will take this opportunity to formally sign a cooperative relationship with 15 Chinese VR enterprise development companies including Beijing Yuyetech. The co-developed project will be showcased at the Seoul Center in South Korea in mid-March. Currently, more than 30 kinds of VR online games and VR stand-alone games are planned for release. At the same time, there are also joint ventures of VR specialty stores and agency stores, and VR experience stores in the Korean market, which is already a leader in the VR industry. Tianmeng VR announced that "the content of 15 Chinese VR development companies such as Beijing Yunye Technology will be displayed in the Korean VR Cluster through the South Korean VR Cluster, and officially entered the Korean VR market." The goal is to provide technical support and equipment for more than 100 VR experience stores. Original link:


In January 2017, Yu Ye Technology launched the competitive VR game "Pinball". Liu Yu Ye and his team have high hopes for this game and want to make it a monthly stream ...


Pinball Battle is a domestic VR game, this game is intended to produce satisfactory VR games


Navar headline in South Korea's largest media reported that "Yu Ye Technology" and the Korean VR Industry Alliance signed a cooperation clause to enter the globalization of VR. Original link: http ...

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